Ecommerce Website for Philos

E-commerce of authentic Sardinian handicrafts

Project Description

Custom online store for Sardinian crafts and sewing creations

Depp created a custom e-commerce website on WordPress for Philos that perfectly caters to the needs of this talented Sardinian artist and entrepreneur. The website’s dynamic design reflects the ever-evolving nature of the project, with new collections and Philos-branded products being added regularly.


The website’s clean and simple style, concise language, and detailed product photos highlight the quality of each creation and encourage visitors to make a purchase. With Depp’s help, Philos has a platform that beautifully showcases its unique handmade products and allows customers to easily shop online.

E-commerce to celebrate Sardinia and its cultural heritage

Giulia Loddo is a beloved Sardinian artisan whose refined creations celebrate the traditions of her homeland. Since childhood, she has been passionate about the art of Sardinian sewing and embroidery. In 2018, she launched Philos, a unique project featuring handmade embroidered dolls dressed in traditional Sardinian costumes. Today, Philos has become a registered brand that encompasses a range of artisanal creations, including keychains, carnival masks gadgets, clothing, and decorative items. Explore Giulia’s world and discover the magic of Sardinian folklore through her exquisite designs.

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