Website design for Nico's Trattoria

Make pasta, make friends

Project Description

Creation of a versatile website for the promotion of workshops

Step into the world of authentic Italian cuisine with Nico’s Trattoria, where culinary passion meets the art of crafting fresh pasta. Nico, hailing from the heart of Napoli, brings a lifetime of traditions and love for slow food to every dish he creates. Depp Design is proud to have partnered with Nico to bring his culinary expertise to the digital realm.

Our website design for Nico’s Trattoria reflects the same dedication and craftsmanship found in every pasta-making workshop. With a sleek and modern design, the site captures the essence of Nico’s upbringing, showcasing the beauty of handmade pasta and baked bread. Join us in celebrating the rich traditions of Italian cuisine with Nico’s Trattoria – where every page is a culinary journey waiting to be explored.

Production of promotional video for social media channels

Depp has also produced a brief promotional video. The aim of the video is to spread the word about Nico’s Trattoria on its social channels. In just thirty seconds, you can experience the authenticity and passion that Nico instills in every single workshop, and feel the playful and welcoming atmosphere of his kitchen almost come to life.

Scroll down and enjoy these thirty seconds of pure lightness!

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