Ecommerce Website Design for Mama Soke

The hot sauce lovers e-shop

Project Description

A minimal and modern e-commerce for two young and bold entrepreneurs

Welcome to Mama Soke, the home of the hottest online hot sauce sales created by Depp for the dynamic duo of Andrea and Isaac! These two culinary wizards bring over a decade of experience in HORECA and an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit to every drop of their fiery hot sauces. Mama Soke began as a fun game, but with Depp’s help, it has transformed into a seriously spicy business venture for these two young entrepreneurs, one Italian and the other Dutch-Ghanaian.


With a sleek and modern design, their dynamic e-commerce site features dark tones, bold colors, tantalizing close-ups of the products, and even glimpses of the owners themselves. It’s no wonder that Mama Soke knows how to turn up the heat and satisfy all hot sauce lovers!

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